Who was Josip Vancaš?

Upon request of the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina, followed by his professor’s recommendation, Josip Vancaš moved to Sarajevo in 1883, where he spent 38 years studying Bosnian architecture and integrating it into Bosnian Style. During his time in Bosnia between 1883 and 1921, Vancaš constructed 102 residential houses, 70 churches, 12 schools, 10 palaces, 10 banks, 10 government municipal buildings, 6 hotels and taverns, and remodelled many buildings. His most famous designs involve Sacred Heart Cathedral in Sarajevo, Grand Hotel, Hotel Central, National Government Building (Presidency Building), and many others. In 1911, as a representative in the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vancaš submitted a resolution on the protection of cultural moments in Bosnia and Herzegovina, thereby introducing the term Bosnian Style (Bosnian slog).

Josip Vancaš Suite

  • Suit Area, Sq.m. 67
  • Occupancy 4-6 people
  • Bed Type (Bedroom 1) Queen size
  • Bed Type (Bedroom 2) 2 Single beds
  • Fully equipped kitchen Yes
  • Keyless entry Yes
  • High-quality mattresses Yes
  • Heated bathroom floors Yes
  • High-speed Wi-Fi and cable TV Yes
  • Carefully restored furniture Yes
  • Private balcony Yes